Copyrights & Usage

Unless otherwise noted, all of the Photos & Artworks presented on this site and in any other Galleries I may have at this domain are the original copyrighted property of Mark Corder –

As such, you may not use them for any commercial purpose without my expressed consent.

However, I present them here and a few other places on the ‘net simply for the purpose of sharing them with others – and I realize you may want to download them or even share them yourself.  With that in mind, please respect the following stipulations :

You MAY …

  • Download a copy of my images for your own personal, non-profit use.  This includes using them as wallpaper / screensavers for your personal computers (but not distributing them in collections of such – see below), and limited printing for personal display only.
  • Share my posts, pages, galleries, etc. through social media/networking outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and others – as long as this “sharing” always points back to my original post or image.  All copyright restrictions apply to those receiving the posts / images.
  • Inquire about buying a print!


  • Use my images or any derivative of them for commercial purposes without my expressed consent.
  • Include my images in distributed collections of any kind or use them in applications or designs of any sort without my expressed consent.
  • Remove or modify any embedded copyright and/or meta-data from my image files.
  • Plagiarize or otherwise claim my work as your own (needless to say).

If you do wish to use any of my images in a commercial sense – please don’t hesitate to Contact Me … you may be surprised at how generous I am!

Also keep in mind that the images I present online are low-DPI and “optimized” for the web – so I’m afraid they won’t make very large prints.  If you would like to purchase one of my images as a high-quality print, again just Contact Me and I’ll quote you a reasonable price!

Thank you for complying with these requests, and I hope you enjoy browsing my images!

Mark Corder ~