Hopper Church of Christ – Spring 2010

Hopper Church - 5-25-10

This is an old Church of Christ / Community Center in Hopper, Arkansas.  (On the edge of the Ouachita National Forest, near Norman and Caddo Gap.)  The building is over 100-years old, and though services have moved to a newer building next door, you can still enter the ground-floor of this relic and look around.  It’s actually in surprisingly good shape!

Seen here right after an intense thunderstorm rolled over the area in the Spring of 2010…

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2 thoughts on “Hopper Church of Christ – Spring 2010”

  1. Vicky Hopper

    My husband is a decendent of the Hoppers that lived in this town. We stopped by a couple years ago, but the only Hoppers we could find (aside from us) were in the cemetary. We saw the church building you photographed, and I think your pictures of it are beautiful.

    1. Mark Post Author

      Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for your kind compliments. I love driving through the Caddy Valley area, and I’d like to revisit the old church and get some more photos of it in Spring…

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