Ouachita Winterview – Point 50

Ouachita Winterview Point 50

Arkansas’s beautiful and pristine Lake Ouachita – nestled in the Ouachita Mountains of the Ouachita National Forest.  (And for those of you wondering over that weird French word, it’s pronounced “Wash-It-Taw“.)  Many moons ago – in the area of Lake Ouachita State Park – there was only a single, abandoned dirt road that ran down a peninsula commonly called Crawdad Island.   Hiking past the end of this road to the shore of the lake brought you to Point 50 – which is just a big metal sign with “50” on it (to be used with a map so boaters can figure out where they’re at on this huge lake.)  The old road down the peninsula is still there, but now it’s completely surrounded by the Caddo Bend Trail which circles it – and a nice, wooden observation deck has been built over the point which provides a beautiful view to the west…

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