Ozark Valley Spring – May 2009

Ozark Valley Spring - May 2009

Like most of Arkansas, the Ozarks are pretty any time of year, but can be a real knock-out in Spring and Autumn.

For the longest time I wasn’t sure exactly where I had taken this photo from – but I was finally able to pinpoint it and now know that it’s a famous view known as “Arkansas’s Grand Canyon”. You’ll find it on Hwy 7-North about 8 miles south of Jasper. (Map below.)

I’ve alternately presented this one under the titles “How Green is my Valley” and “Talk About Going Green” – and it remains one of my most popular images that I’ve had many requests for.

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One thought on “Ozark Valley Spring – May 2009”

  1. Melissa Schaffhauser Ferguson

    I was hoping that I could use this photograph on a “library page” on facebook on the Group==>>The Un-Secret Order of the King Snakes. We discuss ancient history topics. I am compiling information on the Ozarks, the geological history, the Native Americans that lived there, and other very ancient inhabitants. Your photograph “Lost Valley-Wild Columbine” is a great view of the Ozarks. It is perfect for my “library” Ozarks..Kingdom of the Ancients. WIth your permission, I would like to Upload this photograph, giving you credit of course, on to the “library” section of the facebook page. Thank you so very much.


    Melissa Schaffhauser Ferguson

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