Rock House Panoramas

Rockhouse Pano 10-2010 #1

Rockhouse Pano 10-2010 #2

Rockhouse Pano 10-2010 #3

A Triple-Feature : Three panorama shots of the unusual Rock House Cave at Petit Jean State Park, taken just as the October sunrise begins to fill it’s interior…

Technically a “rock shelter” rather than a true cave, Rock House was possibly created by Cedar Creek – which cut the deep Cedar Canyon this shelter is perched on the side of. It was used by Native Americans back to prehistoric times, and contains painted-petroglyphs and pictographs of deer heads, fish, plants, and geometric designs made by ancient paleoindians. There is also a “bowl” worn into one of the rocks where it was used to grind things like acorns. (Don’t confuse this with “Bear Cave” which is close by – and not a “cave” either.)

These panoramic photos belie the actual size of this place – which is easily as large as a mid-size discount store (like a Family Dollar, say). Some of those boulders are the size of cars and mini-vans – and I’m going to guess that it’s almost 30-feet from the “floor to the ceiling” at its highest point.

The top photo shows the cave (which is what everybody calls it) as you first see it from where the trail comes upon a little bench … you’re welcome to wander on into it, but remember it’s dusty!

The middle photo shows a view of the “mouth” looking from the back of the cave …

The bottom photo shows another view of the interior taken from the “high side” of the entrance, and you can see my friend Frank sitting on the little bench near the trail to and from the cave.

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