A Sanctuary for Old Light and Shadows

A Sanctuary for Old Light and Shadows

This is an old Church of Christ / Community Center in Hopper, Arkansas. (On the edge of the Ouachita National Forest, near Norman and Caddo Gap.) The building is over 100-years old, and though services have moved to a newer building next door, you can still enter the ground-floor of this relic and look around. It’s actually in surprisingly good shape!

This is a shot of the interior, taken right after an intense thunderstorm passed and it was still drizzling outside.

This is not only one of my most-popular images, but a personal favorite as well… I love the way the light and shadows do not seem to push each other aside or blot each other out – but pool around each other and find their own places in this atmosphere that is thick with a soft, quiet mood…

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One thought on “A Sanctuary for Old Light and Shadows”

  1. Jwarren

    Amazing! I remember as a pre-teen and early teen jumping off the top steps onto the ground below and running with friends under the trees in the side yard, potlucks and watermelon suppers after services. Stunning photography. Brilliant! Thanks!

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