Stop and Drain Your Monster

Stop and Drain Your Monster

I was a kid in the early 1970’s when the first stories about the “Fouke Monster” began to come out of Texarkana and were picked up by the state and national media – and I remember being thrilled (and a little scared) at the idea of some big, hairy monster running around in the fields and bogs of southwest Arkansas. I also remember spreading out a big road map of Arkansas and squinting over it until I finally spotted Fouke way down in the southwest corner of the state – then circling it and promising myself that I’d go see it someday…

I’m afraid it took over 40 years, but I finally made it to Fouke – the Mecca of Arkansas Monsters! This of course is the town made famous by The Legend of Boggy Creek – a cheesy docu-drama style horror film from 1972 (which you can download for free these days – see the links below). I can even say that I’ve now been across the legendary Boggy Creek itself – and though I didn’t see the monster, I did stop at the equally legendary Monster Mart! This is a little convenience store / filling station in the center of town that’s smart enough to take advantage of the town’s notoriety, and the whole place has a monster motif with painted murals, displays, and assorted monster memorabilia. (I got a coffee cup and a T-shirt!)

If you find yourself near Texarkana and have an hour to kill, drive southeast down US-71 to Fouke and visit the folks at Monster Mart – they’re real friendly! (And on my dashboard GPS the “Driving on US-71” message changed to read “Driving on the Monster Expressway” as I was passing through Fouke – so even Garmin gets in on the act!)

A few more photos are below…

Monster Mart Panorama - 2012

Fouke Tower - Monster Mart Sign - 2012

Monster Mart - Indoor Mural

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