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There’s no shortage of rocks in Arkansas!

Ouachita River Whitewater Park

Ouachita Whitewater Park - 4-2017

The Ouachita River Whitewater Park is about a half-hour drive from where I live in Hot Springs – and I had no idea it was there until I saw it on a map (like the one below).

Located in Rockport / Malvern AR near the Hwy 30 overpass, it has nice paved walking trails both at the edge of the Ouachita River and above it; picnic tables; restrooms; covered pavilion; a boat ramp & more – and you can fish or play in the river if you want!

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An Alternate Contrast of Trees

An Alternate Contrast of Trees

Way back in Spring of 2008 I took a photo of these two trees at Stout’s Point in Petit Jean State Park. What caught my eye was that one was developing new leaves while the other was still bare. It became one of my favorites in a strange “I can’t explain why I like it, I just do” way. I called it “A Contrast of Trees“.

A Contrast of TreesEight years later in 2016 I’m at the same place around the same time of year, and I framed a few more shots with a mind to compare them to the old 2008 version. So there’s that same contrast of one with new leaves while the other is bare – but this time it’s the opposite trees that are blooming-or-bare. The tree on the right has leaves in the old 2008 version, and the one on the left has them in this latest take on it.

So it started that the contrast of the two trees caught my eye – and now the contrast of the two versions of the scene add another layer of – you guessed it – contrast.

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