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The truth is most of my images are unusual – but some more so than others…

Where Did They Go?

Where Did They Go

I’ve noticed a recent increase in Phone Booth Nostalgia – “Share-if-you-remember” posts, Internet memes, comic strips and such – and that got me to thinking about the fact that I could probably find at least two of them that I had spotted within the last 10 years. So I went off on a road trip just to see if they were still there and photograph them…

Turns out I was too late for one of them, and it’s no longer around. That one used to stand in Carter Cove on the north shore of Lake Nimrod, and there is still a short run of sidewalk that used to lead up to it, but the booth itself is gone. (R.I.P.)

But about 25 miles away from that location, this beauty still stands – and still works as far as I know. (Carrying pocket change is something else that’s almost gone the way of the phone booth.)

You can find it in Bluffton, Arkansas on Hwy 28 – and it’s hard to miss as you pass by. You can even see it on Google Street View. There’s a map below – and geo coordinates for the hardcore.

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Hawks School Interior

Hawks School Interior 5

Hawks School - Ava AR

Hawks School – Ava, AR

Some interior views of the historic Hawks School, which you can learn more about in this post.

Of course these are HDR photos, and forgive me for finally allowing the “psychedelic grunge” look to win over the more subtle effect I usually go for. In this case, my options were murky colors verses radioactive ones!

I’d love to stand in this place during a rainstorm – with all of that turquoise & green paint and water running down the windows, it would feel like the inside of a giant fishbowl…

A few more below:

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In Decline

In Decline

Detail of an old frame building originally located at Forester, AR – then sold off with the rest of the town in the 1950’s – and finally relocated back to the small park in the Ouachita National Forest that the town has now become. A local woman we once spoke to there said she thought it had been a post office back in the day, and there were plans to try and restore it – but at the risk of a bad pun, I’d say those plans have probably fallen through…

Broken Shack at Forester

It’s a shame, but I’d say this poor thing is beyond saving by now – the next big storm in the area is likely to knock it over. I have several other photos of this building (in better shape than seen here) – ¬†you can find them with the Forester tag.

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