About Mark's QuoteBox v3.0

I love a good quote and I've been collecting them for years - first in word processor / text files, and later putting them into a SQL database so I could fetch a random one to display on my website. I may (or may not) be doing that over at MarkCorder.com, but the Quotes themselves are alive and well here in Mark's QuoteBox.

Version 3.0 debuted on September 17, 2017 with a complete, ground-up rewrite of the code - moving from MySQL to MySQLi for the database, and upgrading to Bootstrap 4.0 along with the latest jQuery for all the responsive cowbells and whistles.

Where did you get all these quotes?

From all over! Many are copied from books I read - and there's no end of resources on the 'net. Like this one http://www.refdesk.com/totd-arch.html

Are they "Safe for Work"?

Sure - I'd say so. The ultra-prudish may be put off by a few of them, but none are overtly vulgar or profane. Of course these days everything will eventually offend somebody - so in that case, each quote is guaranteed to piss someone off!

(You're welcome.)

... and while we're on the subject

I don't necessarily agree with what these quotes actually say or the sentiments they express! I chose them because I thought they were cleaver, witty, funny, pithy, or even downright profound.

(I have some standards here, but they're loose...)

Can I get the Script / Plug-In / Widget / etc.?

Sorry - but there isn't one. I didn't really develop it to be "portable" outside of my own domain. It's really nothing but a search-and-browse front-end for a MySQL database, and there's no back-end admin pages for managing it - I just use phpMyAdmin.

There are plenty of "display-random-quotes" scripts and plugins out there - have a look.

How'bout just a copy of the Database?

To save you all that typing? Sure, why not... SQL, CSV, XML or any format it can be exported to - Contact me with a request and I'll email it to you.

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Change Log
  • 3.0 Launched - September 18th, 2017
    • Total rewrite of all code, pages & supporting files.
    • Upgrade to Bootstrap 4.0
    • SQL rewritten for MySQLi
    • Latest jQuery (3.2.1)
Roadmap / Wishlist
  • Pagination for search results
  • View all with auto-scroll
  • View all with Lazy Loading
  • Responsive single / rotate text for smaller screens
  • 2.0 Launched - 2010
    • Now with Bootstrap 3 Responsive Goodness!
    • jQuery Cowbells!
    • Paginated Browsing
    • New dark, minimalist theme
    • Optimized randomization routine

  • QuoteBox 1.0 Launched - 2005
    • No longer just a Widget at MarkCorder.com!
    • Browse Random Quotes with a click
    • View ALL Quotes
    • Search the database